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Virtual terminal

VacayPay allows me to take payment immediately from guests to secure the booking. - Dan H

Tim A.

Working with VacayPay has been simple and effective for our clients. - Tim A.

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Virtual terminal

Take payments over the phone using our virtual terminal

Multiple currencies

We currently support GBP, USD, CAD & EUR with more coming soon

Direct to your bank

Direct to your bank account within four to seven days

No set-up fees

Easy to get started with great support & completely free to register

Custom bank descriptor

Customise your bank statement & invoice descriptor

100% PCI compliant

Rest easy knowing that our payment platform is 100% PCI compliant

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Integrate with your existing website or make a new one

14+ years experience

We've had over 14 years experience in the vacation rental industry

The perfect virtual terminal for vacation rental businesses
Effortlessly take secure payments without a merchant account

  • Take payments over the phone
  • EUR, GBP, USD & CAD supported
  • Pre-authorization
  • Payments direct to your bank account
  • No set-up fees
  • Simple & quick application process
  • Easy to use
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100% secure and PCI compliant

Vacation rental website integration
Take payments online with our seamless VacayPay integration

Integrate with your current website or build one with Rentivo

Take payments and book online with your Rentivo website

  • Your own Rentivo platform
  • Beautiful templates & bespoke designs
  • Mobile, tablet & SEO optimised
  • CMS, custom branding & domains
  • Multiple languages & copytext services
  • No technical skills required
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No set-up fees or monthly recurring bills

Virtual terminal

Low rates, no monthly fees
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