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The rental industry has a wide and varied approach to receiving money for bookings but is seeing an increasing need for direct online payments over the phone and online.

The payment industry is equally complex and often hard to understand, which not only causes confusion but can increase costs.

You will have heard of many of these terms: PCI compliance, risk analysis, payment gateways, processing fees, virtual terminals, API's, Chip & PiN, EMV, Card Present, Card Not Present,surcharges and much more! This complex network of underwriters, banks, technology companies, associations and affiliate resellers can make navigating to a simple and effective solution difficult and fraught with pitfalls.

We are a group of vacation rental industry experts that have collated our experience and introduced "VacayPay" which has been specifically designed for this industry. Built for owners and managers to accept payments online we are already transacting millions of EU's yearly for our partners.

The large marketplaces also now demand this service of owners or managers as guests wish to book online more and more and is a fundamental part of this market.

We only focus on this business sector and offer advice on best booking practise, help on implementation across platforms and how to apply terms.

If you would like to be considered for a VacayPay account its free to apply and also free to join with no monthly fees.